I’ve Lost A Friend

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I sit at the keyboard and I am stunned. Early in the morning hours I lost a good friend due to an unexpected, but fatal heart attack. My wife, Carolyn and I were called to the hospital before midnight and were told that one of my deacons, Mark Scott, had been brought to the ER after collapsing. I waited with two of his sons, his sister and other family members as they prayed and waited the results of a cardiac catheterization procedure to stabilize his heart. The heart doctor returned too soon to tell us that despite their heroic efforts, Mark had gone on to be with his Savior. The immediate deluge of cries and tears were natural as they reflected and amplified the sense of our great loss. Bro. Mark leaves behind three fantastic sons: Josh, John Mark, and Jonah; along with his mother, Faye, and sister Nancy. Pray that God’s peace will stand guard over their hearts.

Mark is one of those guys who had a sweet, compassionate, and helpful spirit. There was nothing that he would not do for you…you only had to ask and he would say, “Let’s do it!” The thing I will remember most about him was his love for mission work in Haiti and Honduras. Due to Mark’s exuberance and leadership, myself and many of our church members at Lindsay Lane Baptist made our first mission trip to Honduras two years ago. He was our experienced leader on this whole mission trip. He led in the fund raising, in laying out the itinerary, in the food preparation, etc. He did everything but pack our own personal bags. I believe that Bro. Mark was the catalyst that turned a dream of visiting a foreign mission field into a reality for many of us. Without his ministry in our lives, it would still only be a dream. Thank you, Bro. Mark!

Mark taking a cool drink of water in Honduras

The picture on this page is one of Bro. Mark taking a cool drink of water as we dug a trench to lay a water line in the hot 95 degree Honduran heat. I chose this picture because it reflects what Mark was to me. He was a deacon who faithfully supported me, but more importantly, he was that friend who was always a “cool drink of refreshing water” when I needed it. The Bible tells us in Proverbs17:17: “A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity”. That verse just begins to describe my friend, Mark. He was always there, a true friend…and like a brother, you could count on him in hard times!

After learning of his father’s death, Mark’s oldest son, Josh, lamented that he still had so much to learn from his father. Josh, you are not alone…we all had much to learn from your father and our dear brother. We will wait a while and one day in eternity, we can sit down and pick up where we left off. Thank God for forever friends!

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  1. Thanks Bro Kirk for the excellent writeup. Mark too was my friend and one of my best friends. He helped me with many home projects and was always willing to help when I needed an extra pair of hands. We seemed to gravitate toward each other when doing church projects, working together. He was like a son to Carol and I and will be greatly missed.

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  2. Bro. Danny,
    Thank you for your very appropriate words about Mark. Mark was indeed “a cool drink of refreshing water” every time he entered a room – always joking and laughing and making sure everyone else was too.
    Ever since Friday night, when I read your comments, I have been thinking of Josh’s statement the he still had so much to learn from his father. We all did. What we must remember and what we must help Joshua, John Mark, and Jonah to always remember is what we truly admired and loved in Mark was his zeal to be a godly man. Through his adversities Mark never wavered in his desire to do what God wanted him to do. He didn’t cower, he didn’t make excuses. If self-pity surfaced, he didn’t allow it to stay around long. He never failed to put others first. This attitude produced a passionate, yet humble spirit that was infectious to anyone around him.
    He leaves his sons, his family and his friends with a strong example of a man who made the world a better place because he courageously made the daily commitment to learn and obey God.
    We miss you Mark
    Heaven just got a lot more fun!!

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  3. Very sorry to hear about Mark.

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